Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hello Readers (if there are still any reading this blog....),

I am not very proud of the fact that I have not been active on my own blog from almost one and half years now.  As I wrote in one of my previous posts that 2015 had been a year with ups and downs, I can say that 2016 has also taken me by surprise!!  This time, I am not going to make false promises of being regular at blogging or writing frequently, but, I will say one thing is that I will try my best to write one post a month and try to get back to blogging which I used to love and enjoy so much!!

Now, 8 months have passed by and 2016 also seem to  be coming to an end, but I am going to try and recall all the things that I can share with you (although, there haven't been that many either).  My 2016 kind of started out bumpy as I was laid off in March.  It wasn't something that I had expected but didn't come as a full shock either.  I had kind of sensed that a big round of lay offs is coming but just didn't realize that this one had my name in the list as well.  Initially when I heard it, the news struck me and I felt emotional but I took it very positively and left the place happily.  There is one thing that I have always felt strongly about and that is "whatever happens, happens for the right reason".  Over so many years of service, I had made new friends and met so many talented folks, learned so many things and new technology, shared numerous laughter and life experiences!! How can I be leaving the place sadly?  No way! I have great memories and amazing people to be thankful for!  The only thing that I miss the most is the PEOPLE that I had worked with.  Today, even after being away from that place for over 5 months, I try to keep in touch with them through one or the other social medium such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Well, good thing that I am writing this post after such a long time that you guys don't have to wait to hear the good news.  Within 2 months of my layoff, after filling out lots of applications, quite a few phone interviews, and handful of on-site interviews, I was hired by another company and started my work in May.  It's already been 3 months of working there and I am enjoying it.  The people are nice and the work is good and challenging at times...the only difference is the open work space which I was not used to but getting used to it now :).  I feel life throws so many challenges at you but it also gives you strength and patience to go through just need to have faith!

I am also happy to have been very active this year in dancing.  I can't recall last time when I had performed on a stage or with friends, but thanks to a friend who invited me to perform in an Indian Dance Festival where she had to put together a group for the performance.  Our dance was a hit and to top it off, we were invited to perform in Gujarat Mahotsav, a huge event put together in Long Beach, CA, where artists from India came together and showcase what Gujarat is all about!!  This was a great achievement for the group as our performance went well and we got such a big platform to perform on!  Again, thanks to my friend who put her heart and soul into this dance and to make it a huge success! Thanks to her husband for not just being the backbone of her but the entire group and supporting all of us all the way!  And Many thanks to her two young kids, age 1 and half, and 4 who were running around with us everywhere whether it was practice or performance!  It was a trip of lifetime!  Just as we came back after performing in CA, we were invited to perform at the Dragon Boat Festival in Denver.  This was the 3rd performance for us within 5 months!  Just amazing experiences all the way :).  Through this dance, I made so many new friends for lifetime which I will never forget.

Phew...well that's about it for now.  If I recall anything else, I will surely come back and share it with you all.  But, as I said, I will not make false promises..I will try to write at least one post per month and get back to blogging....

Hope you all have wonderful day and thank you for visiting my blog and reading my posts!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 - Happy New Year!!

Dear Friends,
Wish you all a very Happy New Year!!  I hope everyone had a great 2015 and have a great year ahead in 2016!  As usual, I don't know where to begin writing as I have been completely away from blogging in the past year.  2015 was the fastest year for me but not smooth as there were ups and downs that came along, some good and some bad, and then some great.  The worse part of 2015 was loosing my grandmother.  It was hard to say goodbye to a loved one, but I hope she is resting in peace!  She is still in my toughts and memories.  The great part of 2015 was that we (my family) bought a house which was long overdue and I feel it was a blessing!  Other than that, it was just getting settled in the new home, learning new things related to a home, etc. etc. took the rest of the year and nothing much.  Hopefully this year is bit relaxed compared to last one :).  Well, that's all I am going to say for now.
Have a great day!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Can you ever be prepared for something like this?

Hello friends,
I think this year is not my year to blog.  I have barely had any time on my hands for myself that I have not been able to sit down, take a breath and then write something, until now.  My last post was in June promising to be back soon and share what I had been up to but that was almost 3 months you can see how tied up I must be to not be able to come back soon enough.  Anyways, here I am and without wasting any further time, I would like to share few things with you.

This year had started out alright but soon enough my grandmother got unwell.  She passed away in March and it was the hardest thing for the whole family.  She was 93 and still strong mentally at that age, but it was her body that started slowing down and before we could even know it, she had left us.  I was close to her and that's why I don't think I was really prepared for what happened.  But honestly, can you ever be prepared for something like this?  No, I don't think so.  Whether you know that death is coming to your loved one, or it comes unexpectedly, it is never ever easy to loose a loved one!!  We were all taken a back by her going but we also knew that she had lived her life to the fullest and worked really hard to give her kids the life they have right now.  We know that she is in a better place now and in peace!  March had not been the best month overall.  One of my colleague's, and a good friend, father passed away at the end of March as well, completely unexpected, when his father was in perfect health.  His father's death was a complete shock to their entire family.  Death is pretty hard to accept and move past it...especially when it's one of your loved ones!

In May, one of my close friends' was going to move out of US, so they planned a one day trip to Sand Dunes National Park.  This is the first time I went and it was really nice to see a different take on Colorado.  Usually, when you hear Colorado, you instantly think of mountains, but this one was a desert in the middle of the mountains!  Be aware, there is lots and lots of walking.  If you think you will go all the way to the top, think again! Our plan was to go all the way to the top but the more you walk, the farther you will see the top of the sand dunes :).  So I suggest you return back the moment you feel tired because you have to go back down the way you came back up!  Here are some glimpses of the visit.
Sand Dunes National Park - At the base, getting ready to climb the sand mountain :)

Great capture of Sand Dunes in front of the Mountains!
This was the last trip that we did with our close friends before they left US.  Hopefully, they will return soon and we'll have lots of more memories to build together.

Soon after this trip, I had another milestone in my family bought a house, something we had been searching for a loooong time!! Finally, we bought a house we loved and we actually got it!! The reason I say "we actually got it" is because of the way Denver real estate is rising up...the prices are soaring high year after year!  And in the midst of all, we were able to get a house where it's seller's market and buyers are having a bidding war.  I do consider myself lucky in that manner.  That was a sweet happiness for the entire family :).  But with sweet happiness comes a load of responsibilities and I am going to leave that for the next post for me to write and share my experiences.

Hope you guys enjoy this post.  I am writing after such a long time, and it feels good to be back here.  Hope to continue this from now on.  Until next time, have a great day :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Where was I?

As much as I wanted to kick off 2015 with a storm by writing so many things on my blog, nothing of that sort happened :(  In fact, 2015 has taken me by storm by throwing so many different circumstances, and situations my way that I barely had time to breath...

Time has flown faster than I could imagine...and I can't believe that we are already into the 6th month of 2015!  I got so many things to share, so many things to tell, yet, I can't put my thoughts together and think straight on where to start.  But, I got to to start somewhere, so this post should mark that starting point for me to start blogging again :) (hopefully!!).

I don't have much to say to you right now but I will come back with more to discuss, to procrastinate, to explore, and elaborate (and I have no idea what I just said :P).

Until then, wish you all a very wonderful day!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015!! Bye bye 2014 :(

Dear Friends,
I have said this before, and I repeat again, that 2014 has literally flown by! This has been the fastest year for me, but, that doesn't mean that it was boring...not at all!! It was fun-filled, and most importantly, friends-filled year all the way :).  I can't say enough about this year, about the trips, about the experiences, and about everything that has happened!

Where do I start?  The beginning of the year was very exciting as Denver Broncos were heading into Super Bowl but also disappointing to see them loose, miserably, to Seattle Seahalks :(.  Moving on, the next big thing was IIFA Awards, in USA for the very first time, being hosted in Tampa, FL.  My friend from Tampa convinced me to come since it was going to be in his home town and that it was going to be a gala time!!! And guess what?? It was indeed an amazing trip, seeing all the actors up close, clicking pictures with them, seeing them perform right in front of my eyes!!  It was all like a dream!  Awesome trip with stars and friends :).

On another note, on adventurous side, some of the trips of the year include Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks, Aspen, Mesa Verde, & Durango-Silverton Railroad.  These two were one of the best trips taken with friends.  Lots of photo sessions, full of fun and laughter, and great road trip all together!  Apart from the trips, there were unlimited get-togethers, with friends, involved this year which ended up in all-night fun of games like Uno, Telestrations, Black Queen, and then Uno again, watching movies, etc. etc.

Just as much as one side of my year involved friends and trips, the other not-so-adventurous side involved busy schedule of work!  In 2014, I felt like I was the most busiest in work I have ever been in my life with the new project that I was working on.  I don't have any complains with it since I learned a lot of new things but it was just so hectic due to time constrain that we were under!  All's well that ends well! That was the situation with my work project, it ended well and is at a steady pace now.

Well, that was all for me for the year of 2014!  I hope 2015 brings new hope, new opportunities, new beginnings, and new adventurous!!  Wish you and I, all of us, have an amazing 2015 filled with love, happiness, and success in your lives :)

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

I have been meaning to write a post on this problem for a loooooong time but never got around it.  I wanted to make sure that I get it on my blog before end of this year and that makes me come to this blog today to make it in before 2015 comes around :).  Anyways, enough of excuses from my side, here is the solution for the error.

"The user profile failed the logon.  User profile cannot be loaded.".

I have seen this error when I have tried to log into my account on Windows 7.  Luckily, I have 2 admin accounts, so I was able to login on my Administrator account successfully to correct this error.  I really don't know what causes the problem because it's been at random times.

I searched up on google and found some useful information on couple of sites that are mentioned :

I was able to solve the problem by following the instructions listed on #1 site above.  The instructions are very straightforward but I will still list the steps here for my records just if I need to reference them again for myself.  Hope these instructions help you out too.

1) Log in to another Admin account on your computer (if you don't have it, then you might be able to create one by going into safe mode).
2) Go to My Computer -> C: Drive -> Select Users folder
3) You should see a folder "TEMP" (this is the folder that was created temporary).  This is the folder that you would be removing along with its registry entry that was created temporarily by the system (replacing your original account registry entry).
4) Click on Start -> search for program 'regedit' and enter
5) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
6) You might see the original registry entry with ".bak" extension and the temporary entry with the original registry name:
For example: You might have one entry ending with "....1000.bak" and the other one ending in "....1000".  In this case the one with ".bak" extension is the original entry.  You can confirm this by clicking on that entry and checking the "ProfileImagePath" which should point to your users account (and not TEMP).
7) To get the original registry entry back to normal, first rename "...1000" to "...1000.bak2" and rename the ".....1000.bak" to "...1000" (removing the .bak extension).  After renaming, I just remove the ".bak2" entry.
8) Now, you need to check the "RefCount" and "State" value.  Make sure they're both 0 (if not, you can modify them and make them 0).  If they're not 0, that's what caused the "User profile" error.
9) Go back to the "Users" folder in My Computer and remove the "TEMP" folder.
10) After making these changes, restart the computer and you should be able to log in to your user account.

Alright, I hope these instructions help you out as they have helped me out.  Check out the sites I have listed because they have helped me out and I am sure they will give you the info you need.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Aspen, Mesa Verde, Durango-Silverton Railroad - Day 3

Hello Hello,

The last day of my Aspen trip came to last destination activity which was to ride the Durango-Silverton Railroad.  This was something that came up as one of the top "things to do" when I was searching up online for things to do in Durango.  This was something that I had to book ahead of time (about $100/person with discount) since the railroad timings are fixed and the tickets sell out pretty quickly.  Another thing we had to decide while booking was whether we wanted to do a full day or a half day trip.  The full day trip is basically a roundtrip in railroad vs. a half a day trip is one-way railroad trip and one-way bus ride.  We decided for a half-day trip since full-day would have taken almost an entire day, coming back to Denver after midnight!  So, doing a half-day trip would be much more preferable with 8 am train to Silverton and then bus ride back to Durango station around 1:30 pm.

To catch an 8 am train, we had to leave house by 7:15 am (30-minutes drive and 15-minutes to find parking) and in order to leave by 7:15 am, we had to get up by 6:15 am.  This is where all the friends were separating in 2 groups since only half of the people were coming for the railroad.  We barely got any sleep since we slept late the previous night and got up really early for this train ride.....!!  We packed up the car, settled in, and got to the railroad.  Unfortunately, this was not the day of sunshine and instead it decided to pour down rain, slow and steady :(.  That also made the weather quite cold (I am glad that we got the economy seats instead of the open air seats).  Once the train started, it had its first unplanned break, for 15-20 minutes, since there was water on the tracks.  The railroad itself was about 3+ hours long, so we had plenty of time to pass :).  We all played a movie guessing game while the train was going through some beautiful scenery as well as some boring spots in the forest.  But, nonetheless, it was nice.
Durango-Silverton Railroad, Durango
Durango-Silverton Railroad, Durango
One thing I am happy about is that we only got one-way railroad ticket since coming back in the same train would have been extremely boaring and that too for 3+ hours?? Pheww...half-day trip was a good choice.  Once we got to the town of Silverton, it was gorgeous!  This is an extremely small town, situated right in the middle of the mountains!  Due to the cold and cloudy weather, I felt like it was a part of Switzerland in Silverton :)
Silverton, CO
Silverton, CO
We took some pictures of the town and group photos with the train.  We didn't have much time to spare since we only had about 20 minutes from the time we get off from the train to the time we need to start boarding the bus.  The bus ride was only about one and half hours compared to the train ride.  This worked out great for us since we saved time and (the biggest plus point), we got to see the beautiful Million Dollar Highway which has amazing views!  With this, we also got to see the first snow of the season :)
Bus ride on Million Dollar Hwy
Bus ride on Million Dollar Hwy
We got back to the base at Durango station and soon started our journey back home (another 6-7 hours ride).  We safely got home around 8 or 9 pm but that wasn't the end of the day.  One of my friends and I had to go to return the rental car the same night, so from that we got back around midnight, and then, as far as I can remember I just passed out after getting home.

This wraps up my 3-day trip to 3 locations, action-packed and fun-filled, with amazing group of friends!  And, it has (just like other trips) given moments to cherish for lifetime!!